Today more than ever it is important to help our customers close the digital divide and accelerate the digital transformation in Latin America and technologies that enable it in a simple, secure and reliable way.  It is critical  to find ways to differentiate themselves and provide added value for their services- Cisco Meraki invites you to be a visionary and a leader in in that digital transformation by creating simple and powerful solution that allow organization to implement integrations that  can meet the requirements and manufacturing  demands of a post COVID 19 word.

Participants have the opportunity to showcase their skill using Meraki APIs and other Cisco technologies to solve challenges in the following areas:

  •  Retail and Hospitality
  • Smart Spaces
  • Healthcare and Manufacturing
  • IT Operations
  • New Normal  

Create an app, API integration, or tool to help transform how our customers will solve their business solutions in the future. 

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This Contest is open to teams ( “Teams”)  (i)teams of 3-5 participants; (ii) IT professionals currently employed by a Cisco authorized partner that is registered under the Cisco Channel Partner Program; (iii) at the BE GEO ID level in the Latin America region only; and (iv) team member age eighteen (18) years or older; (v)team members are solely responsible for informing the applicable Partner of their participation in the Hackathon, and compliance with any applicable laws, contractual limitations and procedures established by the Partner related to their participation.

This Contest is not open to: (1) employees or internally contracted vendors of Sponsor or its parent/subsidiaries, agents and affiliates; (2) the immediate family members or members of the same household of any such employee or vendor; (3) anyone professionally involved in the development or administration of this Contest; (4) employees or internally contracted vendors of governments and government-affiliated companies or organizations; or (5) any employee whose employer's guidelines or regulations do not allow entry in the Contest or acceptance of the prize(s).  This Contest is not open to individuals residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sudan are not eligible to participate.  This Contest is void in these countries and where otherwise prohibited or restricted by law. 


Francisco Tello

Francisco Tello
Cisco Meraki Systems Engineer

Juan Cervantes

Juan Cervantes
Leader, Systems Engineering

Victor Hernandez Ordonez

Victor Hernandez Ordonez
Systems Engineer

Ana Torres

Ana Torres
Cisco Meraki Systems Engineer

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Idea
    Is the idea a strong minimal viable product for the customer to use today?
  • Implementation
    Realistic Capability. How well the idea was designed and implemented by the Team, as well as the complexity of the build and creative use of Cisco and Meraki developer tools developer tools.
  • Potential Impact
    Judges will focus on the quality of the video submission and text description. Participants’ Application should be able to drive and improve business processes based on the challenge provided by the Poster.
  • Value to the Persona
    Measured on whether the Application solves for the customer scenario and requirements outlined in the scenario videos.
  • Complexity
    Includes the practicability and ease of implementation in a customer environment.
  • APIs Used
    Includes meeting minimum requirements of at least one (1) Cisco Meraki API. Teams are also encouraged to use additional Cisco API’s

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